Friday, June 22, 2018

The Visionaries


Chief Executive Officer - Costa Kondylis

A consummate entrepreneur and visionary leader, Costa’s humble beginnings belie the success and achievement of C&R Brand Solutions.

With over 20 years’ experience, Costa has directed the organic growth of the multifaceted branding company that employs more than 280 employees and services many long-standing blue chip clients.

He continues to be encouraged by developments within the sector and is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, newest branding techniques that enhance brand value as well as cost-effective production methods using state-of-the-art technology.

Costa firmly believes in the investment of technology to create a complete in-house solution. This results in C&R Brand Solutions being the only company, in this industry, that can showcase such a unique offering as a first generation supplier.





Managing Director - Shaun Esson

Creating an environment that facilitates opportunity, flexibility, individuality and creativity within a team of diverse members is no easy feat, but this is all in a day’s work for the man at the helm of operations.

Shaun drives the solutions-orientated soul of the company, a skilled balancing act that has been perfected through more than 14 years’ experience within the promotional industry. Having developed a sound financial platform, Shaun is able to invest in staff training and development as well as technological advancements within both the office and the factory. Based on these qualities, he was appointed the Chairman of the Luggage Association, a position he has held for 5 years and plays a key role in consultations with the DTI.





Sandy Ehrenreich (née Ngema)- Marketing Director

From Strictly Ballroom to Strictly Boardroom - that is the whirlwind transition that Sandy has made. This dynamic personality now has an office at C&R Brand Solutions and has given the organisation a clear marketing mandate: the customer is king.

She is the force behind ensuring a strong sense of customer service and encouraging each and every staff member to go beyond the call of duty in pursuit of service excellence. Sandy is also passionate about driving home the full service brand solutions offering of C&R Brand Solutions and her mantra, ‘we’re not just a promotions company’, is often heard at client meetings or in internal brainstorming sessions. Her tireless efforts to position the company as a unique branding service provider keeps C&R Brand Solutions ahead of the competition.

Not only has she established the marketing department, she has also created value-added initiatives such as the popular ladies day events (managed by Ikhethelo Event Consultants) and the stunning showroom. Sandy continues to infuse her special blend of class and elegance in everything that she touches here at C&R Brand Solutions.





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